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Pure Linen Bath Towel Color: Blue VVRA1076

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Pure Linen Bath Towel Color: Blue

Pure Linen Bath Towel Color: Blue

Please take a few minute for Pure Linen Bath Towel Color: Blue. This was a great product of Bath Towels VivaTerra VVRA1076 from manufacture. It can be used with the high quality and top features of this item


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Beautiful, clean, and simple, these delightful, classic Stripe Pure Linen Bath Towel will look right at home with any dcor. Super absorbent and fast-drying, the all-natural linen gets softer with every touch. What's more, they're a simple and great w...

  • Brand: VivaTerra
  • Category: Bath Bath Towels
  • UPC: 190957658772
  • SKU: VVRA1076
  • Model: V1532 BLUSTR
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