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Kassadesign Bath Rugs Size: 20" H x 32" W, Color: Garnet Red KTX1361

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Kassadesign Bath Rugs Size: 20" H x 32" W, Color: Garnet Red

Kassadesign Bath Rugs Size: 20" H x 32" W, Color: Garnet Red

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The Kassatex Kassadesign Bath Rug is the perfect combination of style and utility. This rug is the perfect addition to any bathroom as it can absorb water efficiently. The simple and elegant design can enhance the decor of any bathroom. The Kassadesig...

  • Brand: Kassatex
  • Category: Bath Bath Linens
  • UPC: 696445035440
  • SKU: KTX1361
  • Model: KDK-2032-GAR
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